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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

first meeting.

the latest blog of ours!

basically,us,suzy,zaina,dyra had owned our personal blogs,but we are here to show u our new blogshop.we have decided to named it as 'japonica cottage' as it determined the special meaning that inspire us to work on this business thingy.

we would sell sweet stuffs and girls will love it most.

we'll start with shawl and perfumes and if possible,we'll add on some other things that we think you guys will interested to.

for this mean time,dyra and zaina would be the major suppliers for this blogshop.i'll help them packaging,managing stuffs and others.

the prices is so affordable and u'll get the adorable stuffs,we promise.

so,feel free to drop by!

xoxo :)

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