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Friday, August 13, 2010

Flowery Bags

Flowery Bags- Flat
Code: FBF 209-1
Colour: Green and Cream 
Materials: Cotton
Price: RM 50.00

Flowery Bags- Width
Code: FLW 201-2
Colour: Purple and White
Material: Cotton
Price: RM 52.00

Flowery Bags-Long
Code: FBL 108-3
Colour: Black
Material: Cotton
Price: Rm 54.00

Coco Bags
Code: BC 360-1
Colour: Brown
Materials: Cotton + PVC
Price: RM 40.00
*1-SOLD to Ila*
*1 - SOLD to azie*


Rose Unique Bags
Code: BR 886-2
Colour: Red
Materials: PVC + Zip
Price: RM 42.00
* SOLD to Dd*


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